Sports Fusion Mega Games

Sports Fusion Mega Games

    • Setup Area: 40ft long x 20ft wide 15ft tall
    • Outlets: 3 electrical outlets needed for 3 blowers
    • Attendants: available for hire if needed

    • $811.25
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Sports Games 

The Sports Fusion is essentially an all-inclusive sports inflatable. With accommodations for six sports games, the Sports Fusion has everything you can ask for in an inflatable ride. It is designed with safety and quality in mind for riders to enjoy worry-free. Even if some guests are not big on sports, they will surely appreciate the amount of space available to bounce around. The basketball hoops hang high above the spacious soccer nets, allowing for exciting play. The jousting podiums and volleyball net in the center of the ride are removable to allow for use of the Sports Fusion as a dodge-ball arena or boxing ring.


  • Inflatable Sports Fusion
  • Six Sports Games
  • Includes Soccer Balls, Basketballs,Jousting Equip.